Fostering hares


Excretions of a hare

  • Urine
    The hare urinates very seldom. Supposedly it needs most of the milk for its growth. The urine is coloured yellow and smells almost like human urine and not as strong as the urine of a rabbit.

  • Week 1
    Similar to nursed human babies a hare execretes not very often. The droppings are 1-2 mm sized, of hard or soft consistency and the colour varies between brown and black. Usually a hare execretes 0 to 5 droppings per day.


  • Week 3
    When feeding grass and dandelion, the droppings may become a little slimy which is quite normal but should be observed! It is very adverse if the hare suffers from Kokzidiose. A prophyplactical treatment should have already happened.


  • Week 5
    As the hare grows so do his droppings. Droppings of adult hares that live in the forest have a size of up to 14 mm.


  • Week 7
    Whether your hare was active through the night or not, you can see from the distribution of the droppings. An equal spreading throughout the outlet is a very good sign because this means that the hare is training its muscles.